The Crackle & The Static: Part V ‘Salem’s Lot’

Arguably the heaviest song on the album, we weren’t messing about when we wrote this one. In a fitting tribute to horror virtuoso Stephen King, Mr. Crowe came to me with lyrics recounting one of the author’s many classics; Salem’s Lot. The song namedrops many of the characters and is chock full of scenes from the classic movie version as well.

At first we toyed with a few notions for the music, but in the end a stripped down, Misfits style punk rock romp, complete with gang vocals and noisy guitars emerged as the obvious winner for a track that pays homage to one of those great Vampires of our time; Mr. Barlow.

When this one hits, you’re going to want to dig up your dancing partner and hit the mosh pit because All Hell Is Breaking loose.

– Dirge


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