‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ review by Louder Than War

Infectious macabre pop punk from Ireland’s first bona fide funeral band. Louder Than War’s Ray Burke reviews. “The goal of being alive is to figure out what it means to be alive, and there is a myriad of ways to deduce that answer; I just happen to prefer examining the question through the context of Pamela Anderson and The Real World and Frosted Flakes.” So said Chuck Klosterman at the beginning of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, like Klosterman, horror punk’s Cadaver Club muse on what it is to be alive in an unconventional way, by singing about death and the … Continue reading

Have a Ghoul Yule Gravediggers!

From the bottom of our graves we would like to thank each and every one of you for your undying support during this year. From the success of our PledgeMusic Campaign, the response to our debut album, the turn out on our first tour and everything in between, you have made 2013  a year to remember! (and we’ve had a few)… Have a frightful Christmas and a haunting new year. We will see you soon for more music and mischief! – Mr. Crowe, Boom Chic Chic, Dirge & Draggle … Continue reading

‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ review by Uber Rock

Maybe a little bit late on this one as a Halloween review would have been spooktacular but, hey, we don’t roll like that, we’re way cooler and everyday is up for a good spooking round here. It might not come as a great surprise but ‘I’m Making A Monster, Baby’ has more than a doff of the corpseman’s top hat to the Daddies of them all The Misfits and I have not one ounce of a problem with that because this is done very well and from the production to the packaging these ghouls have got the chops. ‘Do You … Continue reading

‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ review by It’s A **** Thing

Horror punk isn’t just for Halloween. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year round. Or it can be if The Cadaver Club are allowed to have any say in the matter. With ‘A fate worse than life’ they have taken the ghoulish fun of all things dark and mysterious and given it a rather attractive polish that will be sure to slap a grin on the the chops of the most Edgar Allan Po(e)-faced goth. More Munsters than Texas Chainsaw Massacre they may be, but I’ve never been averse to a blast of the Monster Mash so I’m happy to dance … Continue reading

Debut album ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ out now!

The day has finally come! Cadaver Club‘s fan funded debut album ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ is out now and available from Pirate Heart Records and all major outlets. 13 original tales of woe are on offer in an album that boasts vampires, werewolves, ghost stories and sea shanties, all set to blistering punk rock so contagious, it makes the ebola virus look like the sniffles… You can stream ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ and get the digital download here: www.cadaverclub.bandcamp.com For CDs, t-shirts and bundles visit: www.pirateheartrecords.com We hope you will spread the word far and wide and invite … Continue reading