Cadaver Club Irish shows announced!

Cadaver Club are pleased to announce some Irish shows in October, our favourite month of the year. Both gigs feature a fantastic lineup of punk rock! Friday 3rd October – Fibber Mcgees, Dublin (w/ The Defects, The Fits, Buck Eejit) Saturday 4th October – Voodoo Belfast (w/ Paranoid Visions, The Outcasts) – The Club … Continue reading

Belfast… We’re coming for you!

Cadaver Club will play The Limelight, Belfast next Saturday 26th July, brought to you by The Distortion Project. After which the funeral band will lead the procession to Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on Saturday 9th August. Full details for the Belfast show and stage/times for Rebellion Festival will be posted on our Facebook Page. See you on the other side… – The Club … Continue reading

Have a Ghoul Yule Gravediggers!

From the bottom of our graves we would like to thank each and every one of you for your undying support during this year. From the success of our PledgeMusic Campaign, the response to our debut album, the turn out on our first tour and everything in between, you have made 2013  a year to remember! (and we’ve had a few)… Have a frightful Christmas and a haunting new year. We will see you soon for more music and mischief! – Mr. Crowe, Boom Chic Chic, Dirge & Draggle … Continue reading

Behind The Veil: ‘A Fate Worse Than Live’ Tour Diary – Day VI

…and there we were – the morning of the final date of the tour. We packed our bags, took one last look at Edinburgh and hopped on the wrong train. Thankfully it still brought us to Glasgow but we had to pay twice (having pre-booked all our trains before the tour). No big deal I suppose, we had managed to get this far without completely running out of money so I would consider that a victory in itself! We had the very vaguest of ideas of where we were going to be staying tonight – a friend of a friend … Continue reading

Behind The Veil: ‘A Fate Worse Than Live’ Tour Diary – Day V

Beep beep beep…9.30…yesssss……………..the first lie in of the tour. Tuesday was a lazy day for three quarters of Cadaver Club. We had no show tonight, instead it was Draggle’s alter-ego, Matty James’ turn to take the stage. Matty had a gig with John Carabi later in Bannermans, the same venue we played last night and some preparation to do. He had a few songs to rehearse with Mary Robbs, who was adding violin to them. I was looking forward to hearing what they came up with. We all eventually got up and out. We went prowling for a while to … Continue reading