‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ review by Uber Rock

Maybe a little bit late on this one as a Halloween review would have been spooktacular but, hey, we don’t roll like that, we’re way cooler and everyday is up for a good spooking round here. It might not come as a great surprise but ‘I’m Making A Monster, Baby’ has more than a doff of the corpseman’s top hat to the Daddies of them all The Misfits and I have not one ounce of a problem with that because this is done very well and from the production to the packaging these ghouls have got the chops.

‘Do You Dig Graves’ is like the best Wildhearts ‘Caffeine Bomb’ inspired tune you could wish for but it’s not caffeine they’re craving it’s virgins’ blood and a shallow grave to drink it in.

There is a video out there for ‘Dead Air’ which is a tune more geared towards the melody and a catchy ditty it is too, with a great lifting chorus that moves towards a more American slice of ghoul action, say in a Frankenstein Drag Queens direction but classier if you know what I mean.

‘Lunatic In Love’ is another slice of devilock action with a very nice chorus and melody. I guess Cadaver Club sum it all up very nicely with the tag line of “Fun, Fast and Fatal” which just about hits the nail right on the head. The songs are short and sweet, not one outstays its welcome and it is what it is. Loud, Trashy, fun and full of good tunes. What more do you want? It’s rock and roll not rocket science and these cats understand that.

‘Sally Curse’ is a shade shanty or piratey for those out there who like to get all jiggy, whereas ‘Bat Among The Pigeons’ is all wham, bang, thank you man rock and roll.

‘Where Dreams Go To Die’ is another tune more in the direction of Ginger than Jerry Only and the fact that they can flit between one influence and the other whilst sounding cohesive and credible is a testament to their songwriting style and the fact they haven’t just tried to copy but channel their influences which has made for a damn fine record.

Now put some diesel in the hearse and crank up the stereo we’re going on a spooky ride and I’ve got the perfect soundtrack. Check it out you ghouls, it’s worth the time. Cadaver Club is open for membership; remember, they’ve been expecting you, mwahahahaha!

Review posted on Uber Rock. Written by Dom Daley.



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