Debut album ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ out now!

Cadaver Club - CD + T-shirt BundleThe day has finally come! Cadaver Club‘s fan funded debut album ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ is out now and available from Pirate Heart Records and all major outlets.

13 original tales of woe are on offer in an album that boasts vampires, werewolves, ghost stories and sea shanties, all set to blistering punk rock so contagious, it makes the ebola virus look like the sniffles…

You can stream ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ and get the digital download here:

For CDs, t-shirts and bundles visit:

We hope you will spread the word far and wide and invite everyone to join the Club. From the bottom of our cold hearts we wish you all a frightful Hallowe’en and ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’…

Our sincerest condolences,

– The Club

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