The Crackle & The Static: Part IX ‘Lunatic In Love’

How could you not fall for that beautiful soft glow of the full moon? You couldn’t. That is, you couldn’t NOT. You know what I mean. Think then how hard it must be for a werewolf. A creature, whose very existence is dictated by the lunar cycle. In ‘Lunatic’, our balladeer lays his heart out month after month in the hope that the object of his affections will one night return his love. Deep down though I think he understands there is no cure for his curse and there is no respite. Nevertheless, he will be out there in another … Continue reading

The Crackle & The Static: Part III ‘Dead Air’

Every single musician who has ever driven home from a gig in the ungodly hours of the morning after playing their wicked little hearts out and packing away gear unfortunately knows the feeling of getting tired behind the wheel with many miles still to go. And the thought of your pillow, oh, your lovely pillow… zzzzzzzz Dead Air follows a young man’s journey to the truth as his perception of reality is tested to the limit. As he drives along in his car, tired beyond endurance he starts to believe the DJ on the radio is speaking directly to him.  … Continue reading

Impartial Reporter: Cadaver Club set to release debut single

CADAVER CLUB, Fermanagh’s only funeral punk band, are due to release their debut single Lunatic In Love on Valentine’s Day. If Kiss and the Sex Pistols ever got together and had an illegitimate love child it would be Cadaver Club. Described as a funeral punk band, Cadaver Club are set to release their debut single this week on Valentine’s Day. The single, titled Lunatic In Love, tells the tale of a werewolf who falls in love with the moon but is ultimately left sad and lonely because of his unrequited love. Lunatic In Love is released as a free download … Continue reading