The Crackle & The Static: Part IX ‘Lunatic In Love’

How could you not fall for that beautiful soft glow of the full moon? You couldn’t. That is, you couldn’t NOT. You know what I mean.

Think then how hard it must be for a werewolf. A creature, whose very existence is dictated by the lunar cycle. In ‘Lunatic’, our balladeer lays his heart out month after month in the hope that the object of his affections will one night return his love. Deep down though I think he understands there is no cure for his curse and there is no respite. Nevertheless, he will be out there in another 28 days time, once more pleading his case. Such is love.

The song is our nod to the rock n’roll ballads of the 50’s. You can’t go from a C to an A minor without conjuring up images of diners, drive-ins and lovers’ leaps. As with all our songs, it was written on acoustic guitar but I think, more than all the others, it works just as well slowed down and acoustic as it does electrically. A real campfire croon to take the sting out of the ghost stories.

We released Lunatic In Love as a single for Valentine’s Day along with a video directed and shot (like Dead Air) by the wonderful Olivia Johnson Murphy and Ronan McGrade. In the context of the album, it’s melodic nature forms a nice contrast to some of the more full on punk songs and particularly live it seems to mark it’s territory, much like the Wolf of the title.

– Mr. Crowe


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