The Crackle & The Static: Part XI ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’

What a catchy little tune for such a melancholic topic but sure, isn’t that what we do best?! ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’ is an obituary. It is a list of the little deaths we all go through during the course of our lives until finally there is nothing left. This is a perfect call and response song which was inspired by seeing The UK Subs at Rebellion in 2012. As Mr. Crowe and I were returning home from the festival, he already had a few lyrics in mind so we spent most of the journey scribbling down the remaining … Continue reading

The Crackle & The Static: Part VIII ‘Bat Among The Pigeons’

‘Bat Among The Pigeons’ is a straight up 50’s rock n’ roll song inspired by the likes of Little Richard. The song follows two lovers, who upon their engagement decide to celebrate in style; armed with a pistol and a knife, they go on a killing spree. Obviously. This was one of the most fun songs to record on the album as it is a style I don’t get to play very often. I am a big fan of everything 50’s – the fashion, the diners and of course the rock n’ roll and so I was bound to love … Continue reading

The Crackle & The Static: Part IV ‘The Warnings’

So here we are at the final hurdle, the closer for our debut album. We hope you make it in good nick. ‘The Warnings’ is a feel good Ramones-esque song that will have your head bopping from the get go. My favourite thing about ‘The Warnings’ is that it doesn’t conform to the usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure. In fact, whenever Mr. Crowe first showed me the song, it didn’t have the chorus we now know and love! Another great part of this song is the outro. The outro you hear on the album is different from the live … Continue reading