The Crackle & The Static: Part XI ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’

What a catchy little tune for such a melancholic topic but sure, isn’t that what we do best?! ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’ is an obituary. It is a list of the little deaths we all go through during the course of our lives until finally there is nothing left.

This is a perfect call and response song which was inspired by seeing The UK Subs at Rebellion in 2012. As Mr. Crowe and I were returning home from the festival, he already had a few lyrics in mind so we spent most of the journey scribbling down the remaining lines on scraps of paper we could find in the car as our passengers lay sleeping in the back!

I love the riff in this song and the bounciness of the intro/outro. Chuck in a few “na na na’s” and you’re onto a winner. The amount of backing singing in this song adds something quite special and it is definitely a firm favourite on the album for me.

“When your soul goes cold and the bony hands of death take hold…”

– Boom Chic Chic


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