The Crackle & The Static: Part II ‘My First Hate’

When people look at Cadaver Club, I’m sure they think a lot of things. But catchy pop music? Surely not… Strangely enough, that is exactly what we do best.

‘My First Hate’ began with the chorus. It had been running through my head for weeks and when I finally got back home to Fermanagh and played it to the guys, it didn’t take long to shape up into a fully fledged pop punk anthem.

As always with the Club, the lyrics tell a story. ‘My First Hate’ is a twisted tale of a childhood crush. A young misfit with designs on a popular girl he can never have, quickly turn to hatred and a killer is born. The sad twist being, no kill since has ever felt so sweet.

That may all sound a bit dark for a pop song, but with its up beat tempo, a signature Dirge guitar hook and a melody you can’t stop yourself singing along to, this is a true outsider anthem and a potential radio hit, if radio stations still cared about music.

– Draggle


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