Dawn Of The Dead…

It’s hard to believe that our PledgeMusic campaign has come to end. The final result was a stunning 186% and surpassed all our expectations. It’s truly inspiring that a new band with no corporate backing can gain such support and this is a real win for not only ourselves and our generous patrons, but independent music itself.

Yesterday pledgers received the digital copy of our debut album ‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ and the response has been overwhelming. The positive feedback during our online listening party warmed our cold dead hearts and we are eternally grateful for your undying support.

Now we are burning the midnight oil preparing the physical goodies from our campaign which we hope will be with you very soon. We will also be planning a commercial release of the album on Pirate Heart Records for Halloween just in time for our tour of the UK and Ireland.

With such incredible support it would seem that all of this is just the beginning for the funeral band. It’s the dawn of the dead…

Check out the gig page for all upcoming tour dates.

Yours faithfully,

– The Club


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