‘Dead Air’ Video Shoot…

Today we hit the road to shoot a video for our brand new song ‘Dead Air’. Starring Brian Murphy as our willing victim and with the talents of Olivia Johnson Murphy and Ronan McGrade directing and filming, we think we’ve captured something pretty special. Check out some photos from the shoot in our gallery. ‘Dead Air’ is the summer anthem to end all anthems and with our usual macabre twist you are in for a surprise. The video will tie in with our big announcement which we will be revealing very soon. Stay tuned listeners… – The Club … Continue reading

Impartial Reporter: Cadaver Club set to release debut single

CADAVER CLUB, Fermanagh’s only funeral punk band, are due to release their debut single Lunatic In Love on Valentine’s Day. If Kiss and the Sex Pistols ever got together and had an illegitimate love child it would be Cadaver Club. Described as a funeral punk band, Cadaver Club are set to release their debut single this week on Valentine’s Day. The single, titled Lunatic In Love, tells the tale of a werewolf who falls in love with the moon but is ultimately left sad and lonely because of his unrequited love. Lunatic In Love is released as a free download … Continue reading