Live Review by Uber Rock: The Limelight 2, Belfast 26th July 2014

“It’s Halloween every day” proclaims Cadaver Club frontman Mr Crowe – and indeed it must be as, while outside Belfast is sweltering in one of the hottest days of the year, inside it’s a dark and eerie as a funeral parlour after dark. Matty James and his undead sidekicks warn us ‘Don’t Open The Door To The Basement’ – and immediately proceed to do that, as they welcome us to their high-energy, dark gothic, psychotic punk freakshow. There are elements of The Misfits, The Damned and Dogs D’Amour in their graverobbing groove, which is mixed with sea shanties, fiery traditional jigs and rockabilly rebelliousness in a manner which is as infectious as Ebola as this bunch of vampires, seeking sanctuary from the searing sunlight outside, entertain their assembled coven with bloodsucking aplomb.

Review posted on Uber Rock. Written by Mark Ashby.

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