Belfast… We’re coming for you!

Cadaver Club will play The Limelight, Belfast next Saturday 26th July, brought to you by The Distortion Project. After which the funeral band will lead the procession to Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on Saturday 9th August. Full details for the Belfast show and stage/times for Rebellion Festival will be posted on our Facebook Page. See you on the other side… – The Club … Continue reading

‘A Fate Worse Than Life’ review by Louder Than War

Infectious macabre pop punk from Ireland’s first bona fide funeral band. Louder Than War’s Ray Burke reviews. “The goal of being alive is to figure out what it means to be alive, and there is a myriad of ways to deduce that answer; I just happen to prefer examining the question through the context of Pamela Anderson and The Real World and Frosted Flakes.” So said Chuck Klosterman at the beginning of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, like Klosterman, horror punk’s Cadaver Club muse on what it is to be alive in an unconventional way, by singing about death and the … Continue reading

Have a Ghoul Yule Gravediggers!

From the bottom of our graves we would like to thank each and every one of you for your undying support during this year. From the success of our PledgeMusic Campaign, the response to our debut album, the turn out on our first tour and everything in between, you have made 2013  a year to remember! (and we’ve had a few)… Have a frightful Christmas and a haunting new year. We will see you soon for more music and mischief! – Mr. Crowe, Boom Chic Chic, Dirge & Draggle … Continue reading

Behind The Veil: ‘A Fate Worse Than Live’ Tour Diary – Day IV

7.30…beep…get up…shower…in the dark. Ironic really, we’re a funeral band and we didn’t have a candle between us! Really must get that light fixed. Monday morning, the middle of the working week for us. We got to the train station and began the beautiful trek to Edinburgh. The wear and tear was starting to show by now and we were good for nothing on the train, just sat half asleep admiring the scenery, glad of the warm carriage. I’d never been to Edinburgh before but was looking forward to it and it was so much more than I’d hoped. All … Continue reading